After a weekend off with no work and no blogging, I thought I should come back strong with another ammo update.  Its what the majority of my viewers here show up for anyway.  So here you go!

At the request of one of my subscribers I’ve decided to include .50AE handgun ammo.  This is what was available on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 12:20pm:

.223 – 55 grain FMJ Federal – 1000/$925
Bulk Ammo – 55 grain FMJ American Eagle – 1000/$919
Cheaper Than Dirt – Three options
Lucky Gunner – 64 grain SP Spear Gold – 20/$35
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Three options
Powder Valley – Two options of Nosler

5.56 – Federal and PMC
Bulk Ammo – Federal and Lake City
Cheaper Than Dirt – Six options
Lucky Gunner – PMC and Lake City

DAG Ammo – Two options
SCDS Ammo – Four options of Russian surplus ammo  **CANADA Only**
Lucky Gunner – Three options of TulAmmo
Sportsmans Guide – Blank ammo – 500/$109.99

7.62x54R – 182 grain FMJ Prvi Partizan – 20/$19
Bulk Ammo – Same as above
SCDS Ammo – 148 grain FMJ – 20/$13  **CANADA Only**
Cheaper Than Dirt – Eight options
DAG Ammo – 148 grain FMJ TulAmmo – 500/$358
J & G Sales – Seven options
Lucky Gunner – 182 grain FMJ Prvi Partizan – 20/$19
Midway USA – Seven options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Two options of Winchester
Powder Valley – Two options of Prvi Partizan
Sportsmans Guide – Six options

Cheaper Than Dirt – 300 grain JHP Double Tap – 20/$39.79
Natchez Shooting Supplies – 325 grain HP CCI Speer – 20/$37.49

.45ACP – Ten options
Ammo For Sale – Ten options
Bulk Ammo – Ten options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Fifteen options
J & G Sales – Three options
Lucky Gunner – Nine options
Midway USA – Three options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Seven options

9mm – Three options
Ammo For Sale – Three options
Bulk Ammo – Three options
SCDS Ammo – 115 grain FMJ – 50/$14
Cheaper Than Dirt – Eight options
J & G Sales – Tracer rounds – 10/$15.90
Lucky Gunner – Three options
Midway USA – 50 grain HP Liberty Halo Point – 20/$23.99
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Five options

Cheaper Than Dirt – Eley and Aquila…Someone please buy this stuff.
J & G Sales – Eley…lots of Eley.
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Federal shot shells

Thanks for your continued support and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!  Things are really starting to look up and I can’t wait until the day I no longer need to do these updates.  The day when everything is back to normal.  But until then, I’ll be here, updating things as we go.

  1. hncook4 says:

    These updates are very helpful! 🙂

  2. […] ammo seems to be returning to stores.  7.26×39 appears to have made a come back from my previous ammo update as well.  While some of the calibers only have an option or two, they’re still available. […]

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