I was going to wait to do this update until later this evening but I had some time now so I thought I would go ahead with it.  Keep in mind that since I’m doing a much larger list of ammo now, it requires I spend more time getting links and accurate information.  As a result, there is about a 30 minute lag from my first few links to the last.  In that time its always possible that the ammo I list as available could sell out.

This week it doesn’t look like 22lr is any healthier than in previous updates, but .223 and 5.56 are starting to show an improvement.  7.62x54R still seems pretty available, as does both calibers of handgun ammo.  7.62x39mm doesn’t seem to be doing that strong this time however.

Anyway, here is what was available around 3:30pm on February 13th, 2013.

Ammo.net – Six options
Ammo For Sale – Four options
Bulk Ammo – Three options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Ten options
Lucky Gunner – Seven options
Powder Valley – Nosler has a few options

Ammo.net – Eight options
Ammo For Sale – Six options
Bulk Ammo – Six options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Ten options
Lucky Gunner – Nine options

Ammo.net – Three options of Wolf WPA ammo
Cheaper Than Dirt – PMC Bronze 123 grain FMJ – 20/$17.59
DAG Ammo – Two options of TulAmmo
Lucky Gunner – Three options of Wolf WPA ammo
SCDS Ammo – Four options  **Canada Only**
Sportsmans Guide – Blank ammo – 100/$24.99 or 500/$109.99

Ammo.net – Prvi Partizan 182 grain FMJ – 20/$19
Ammo 2 U – Two options
Bulk Ammo – Prvi Partizan 182 grain FMJ – 20/$19
Cheaper Than Dirt – Ten options
DAG Ammo – TulAmmo 148 grain FMJ – 500/$358
J & G Sales – Seven options
Lucky Gunner – Prvi Partizan 182 grain FMJ – 20/$19
Midway USA – Four options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Two options of Winchester
SCDS Ammo – 148 grain FMJ – 20/$13  **Canada Only**
Sportsmans Guide – Six options

Ammo.net – Sixteen options
Ammo For Sale – Eighteen options
Bulk Ammo – Eighteen options
Cheaper Than Dirt – 22 options
J & G Sales – Four options
Lucky Gunner – Seventeen options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Six options

Ammo.net – Nine options
Ammo 2 U – Hornady 124 grain HP – 25/$21.50
Ammo For Sale – Ten options
Bulk Ammo – Nine options
Cheaper Than Dirt – Eleven options
DAG Ammo – TulAmmo 115 grain FMJ – 1000/$379
J & G Sales – One option
Lucky Gunner – Nine options
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Federal 124 grain JHP – 20/$20.49
SCDS Ammo – 115 grain FMJ – 50/$14  **Canada Only**

Cheaper Than Dirt – Aguila and Eley
J & G Sales – Just some Eley
Midway USA – Winchester blanks – 50/$9.19
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Federal shot shells – 50/$9.50

Anyone else want to add to my list of calibers?  The list is at a comfortable size for me right now but I will add another caliber if it’ll help someone else out.  Just let me know in the comments below.  And don’t forget to subscribe or you might miss my future updates!

  1. How about 50AE ammo. Always a hard hunt to find

    • nvchad2 says:

      50AE? I honestly can’t say I’ve come across that to my knowledge (though I haven’t been looking). But ill try to include that next time if I see any. Thanks for commenting and subscribing.

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