Shooting Withdrawal

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After going to the range over the weekend, I can’t stop thinking about shooting again.  I keep thinking of new things I want to try, different ammo types, etc.  And since the weather is beautiful outside right now its even worse.

My boss gets to leave at 2:30 every day so he has time to do things outside when he gets home; I work until 5.  By the time I get home its 5:30 and the sun is down behind the ridge.  Switching shifts would be nice but we’ve tried that and it just doesn’t work well for either of us.

So here I sit, frustrated and unable to do anything about it.  I would love to go shooting again this coming weekend but we have work to do around the house and it just isn’t looking good for then either.  If only I didn’t have to drive 45 minutes to go shooting every time.

Reading articles only eases the pain for a few minutes.  What do you do when you can’t go shooting?

This is how I feel right now


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