“Posers” vs Professionals

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There’s an article over on Common Sense Tactical and Practical that discusses the term “poser” and how it’s used by some professionals to describe hobbyists.  I see this come up a lot in my day to day life.

Many people who do something for a living or who dedicate most of their time to one particular field get irritated with the “part-timers”.  Full time mechanics often criticize and mock the weekend guys who pretend they know it all.  Computer repair technicians do the same with people who think they know how to fix their own stuff.  It’s the same for gun owners unfortunately.

There are people who dedicate their lives to tactical training and try to learn every possible technique they can for self defense.  That’s great and I think everyone should get any and all training they can afford.

Here’s a quote from the article I linked to above:

If the odds are 1 in a million of them needing the training, that still means the possibility exists. And I’d a damned sight rather them work on that training than how to make ignogamy birds, decorate according to funkysway, or spend decades trying to master online multiple-personality games. In a rare instance, they may save themselves, their loved ones, or little ol’ me. Call me selfish, but I value my hide more than I do that of most folks I meet and I’d much rather have a trained person, even if a bookkeeper by trade, around if I need help, than a “professional” who could barely stay awake during their last refresher class.

Its always better to have the skills and not need them than to need them and not have them.  But I would never condemn those who brag about their once a month training or something similar.  Let them pretend they know it all.  At least they know something.

And at least they aren’t sitting at home writing a blog and pretending they know it all . . .


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