My Go To Weapons

Posted: February 8, 2013 in AR-15, Guns, SR22
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This post is in response to a post by my fellow blogger, rmactsc, in which he lists his top 3 “go to weapons“.  He then goes on to post about each individual weapon in more detail.  It was a good idea and pretty informative, so I thought I should do the same.

Since I only own 5 guns, my selections are pretty limited.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites though.  So below are my TWO picks for go to weapons.  If I owned a shotgun (I hope to get one for my next purchase) I would include one of those as well.

For my go to pistol, it would be the Ruger SR22.  I’m forced to pick a .22 caliber pistol since that’s the only caliber I own.  But there are several reason I would choose the Ruger over my Sig 1911-22.

1) Portability:  The Ruger is smaller and more compact, allowing convenient concealed carry, but large enough to feel comfortable in my hand.
2) Accessories:  The Sig has more appearence-based accessories out there but the SR22 has a rail under the barrel.  Great for adding a laser of flashlight.
3) Ease of use:  The Ruger SR22 features easy to use controls which are all easy to reach as well.  Swapping out the 10 round mags is a breeze.
4) Maintenance:  The SR22 is far easier to breakdown and clean than my Sig.
5) Ammo: Not only is the .22 one of the most popular (and therefor available) calibers on the planet, the SR22 is not picky.  Very few brands of ammo have caused malfunctions.  The SR22 functions flawlessly 99% of the time.  My Sig is way too picky to rely on.

For my go to rifle its a hands down win for my AR15.  Even being a custom build this thing is extremely reliable and has yet to let me down.


1) Reliability:  I have yet to have a serious malfunction with this rifle.  I’m very comfortable knowing that when I pick up this rifle, its good to go.
2) Ammo:  Because I have a conversion kit, this rifle is capable of firing both .223/5.56 ammunition as well as .22lr.  Switching calibers takes less than 60 seconds.  This essentially doubles the ammunition I have available.
3) Accessories:  My AR15 has a “flat top” upper which means there is no carry handle.  Instead there is a long rail for adding scopes or sights.  The handgurd also has a bottom rail for things like lasers, flashlights, and bipods.
4) Accuracy:  This rifle has proven itself to be far more accurate than my personal skill can show.  My other rifles are great, but definitely not as accurate.
5) Weight:  I built this rifle with weight in mind and as a result it has a lightweight 18″ barrel and polymer handguards.  Without accessories it weighs just under 7 pounds.
6) Ease of Use:  Swapping mags is a breeze, as is working the safety.  Even the stock and sights are easy to adjust.

So those are the reasons I chose these two guns as my go to weapons.  I’m sure there are other reasons that I haven’t even considered but the biggest reasons are mentioned.  What are your go to weapons?  We’ve all got our favorites, so which guns would you grab in a crisis situation?  And what shotgun(s) should I consider for my next purchase?  Let me know what you think!

  1. rmactsc says:

    Very nice AR-15 and thanks for the shout out as well 🙂

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