Ammo Update – 2/1/13

Posted: February 1, 2013 in .223 / 5.56, 22lr, 7.62x39, 9mm, Ammunition
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Things seemed a little bit better at the beginning of the week when I did my last update.  But that doesn’t mean things are that bad right now.  There are still a few places that have some of everything available.  You’ll probably have to pay more for what the do have in stock though.

I’ve decided to start including 9mm ammo in my updates since it’s a pretty common caliber for handguns.  I’ve never had to purchase any myself though so if there is more information I need to include in the updates for 9mm, please let me know.

And as always, subscribe so you don’t miss these updates.  Why spend 30 minutes checking all these websites like I do every day when you could just come here.  I do all the work for you.

Everything listed below was in stock as of 4:20pm on February 1st, 2013:

Ammo.Net – Federal .223 and American Eagle 5.56
Ammo For Sale – Lake City and American Eagle 5.56
Cheaper Than Dirt – Eight options
Lucky Gunner – Federal .223 and American Eagle 5.56
Powder Valley – Nosler has a few choices

SCDS Ammo – A few options **Canada Only**
Cheaper Than Dirt – PMC Bronze
DAG Ammo – A few options of Tula **Must be registered to view prices**

Ammo.Net – Five different options
Ammo 2 U – Hornady 124gr HP
Ammo For Sale – Six different options
Bulk Ammo – Same six options as above
SCDS Ammo – $14 box of 50 **Canada Only**
Cheaper Than Dirt – 14 options
DAG Ammo – Tula 1000 rounds for $379 **Must be registered**
J & G Sales – Tracer ammo
Lucky Gunner – Four selections
Midway USA – A few different options of Buffalo Bore

Cheaper Than Dirt – Aguila and lots of Eley
J & G Sales – Just some Eley
Midway USA – Just some shot shells
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Federal shot shells

If you would like for me to start including other calibers, please let me know.  It doesn’t take me but a few extra minutes to include another caliber and I would be happy to do so if it would help you out.


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