We’re all well aware that prices have jumped considerably over the past few months.  It’s affecting all gun owners and firearm enthusiasts.  But it didn’t really hit me how much the prices had changed until I bought a box of Tula Ammo yesterday.

Before the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut, Tula .223 ammo was really cheap.  I bought it pretty regularly throughout most of 2011 and 2012 at $0.25 a round.  In bulk I saw it selling for about $0.20 a round.  But with ammo so plentiful at the time, I only bought it as I needed it . . . sure regret that now.

The box I just bought, with price tag

The box I just bought, with price tag

Box of ammo with receipt showing price

Box of ammo with receipt showing price







Before the shooting, Tula sold for $4.95 a box at Walmart and around $5.25 a box at the local shops.  I didn’t mind buying at the additional cost since it helped local business.  Now however, Walmart has absolutely no .223 ammo whatsoever.  And local shops are selling what little Tula they have for $10 a box!  That’s just under a 100% increase in price!  And the jump occurred in less than a 2 month period.

.223 ammo isn’t the only kind to suffer either.  Almost all calibers have experienced extreme increases.  Since I have two 22lr pistols and a conversion kit for my AR15, I went through quite a bit of that ammo from August to December. Probably several thousand rounds.

Before the shooting, Blazer ammo was $0.04 a round.  You could find it for that price almost anywhere.  After the shooting, the price doubled to $0.08 a round.  Fiocchi ammo experienced the same price jump of 100%.  Not a huge jump, and still affordable.  But there’s not a 22lr cartridge for sale in my county at this point.

Ammunition isn’t the only thing that has shot sky high either.  Before the shooting and weapon ban talks, there was a plethora of magazines available.  After the shooting it’s almost impossible to find a magazine in stores locally.  And online is just as bad.  The magazines that can be found have more than doubled in price.

Before the scare, I could buy 30 round AR mags locally for $15.95 a piece.  One of my local shops usually kept like 20 of each color in stock.  That’s certainly not the case anymore.  The only mags I have found locally in recent weeks were two 30 round mags for $20 each.  Since then I have only seen 20 round magazines, and those were selling for over $25 each.

Right now, at online gun trading sites as well as local gun shows, 30 round AR15 magazines are selling for between $30 and $60 a piece.  That’s a considerably higher jump than ammo experienced.  Right now a lot of online retailers have magazines back-ordered until after June.

I know some of this is supply and demand, but I think a lot of it is price gauging by people who are just exploiting peoples’ fears.  I really hope this all passes soon because the way it is right now, I don’t even want to go shooting because I don’t know that I’ll be able to replace my ammo any time soon.  And a gun is no good without ammo . . .

For more examples of how prices have changed, check out my post from the past weekend when I went to a local gun show.  I include prices I saw for rifles and ammo of all kinds.  Leave a comment below and let me know how much the prices have jumped in your local market.


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