Gun Control in Australia

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My boss showed us all a video today at work.  We’re not a super productive bunch as you can probably guess, but I decided I should pass this along.  Its not a new video (it was uploaded almost 2 years ago) but its definitely worth a watch if you care about your Second Amendment rights at all.  It happened in Australia and it can happen here:

I’m not sure how much of it is just propaganda, but there are certainly a lot of facts in there and we should pay attention.  Our political figures often point to what other countries have done to show the direction they wish us to go as well.  But banning guns isn’t the answer in the United States, even if other countries may have experienced positive results.

Our founding fathers created the Constitution to protect our rights.  To protect us from a tyrannical government from which we declared our independence.  To start restricting those rights goes completely against what they intended.  It goes against what our country represents to the rest of the world:  Freedom.


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