Ammo Update – 1/26/13

Posted: January 26, 2013 in .223 / 5.56, 22lr, 7.62x39, Ammunition
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I was going to go shoot my SKS for the first time since I bought it back in January, but they got a lot of snow where I usually shoot.  And I don’t think my car could make it back to the range.  So I’m going to do an ammo update instead.

On the 23rd, there were more places than usual that had some ammo in stock but not this time.  And a lot of the ammo that is in stock is from brands I’ve never heard of before.  It looks like lots of companies are using the current ammo shortage to jump into production and offer new products.  Always be careful because unknown ammo could end up being poorly made and dangerous.

Take a second to subscribe to my blog.  I do these updates pretty often and I invest a good bit of time checking all the sites and organizing this information.  Why would you want to search across google checking a bunch of places when this could be sent straight to your email?

The sites listed below all had ammo in stock as of 10:20am January 26th, 2013:

.223/5.56 – 2 options 5.56 and 1 option .223
Cheaper Than Dirt – Lake City, Federal, Armscor USA, American Eagle
Powder Valley – Nosler has some “Lead Free” 35 and 40 grain ballistic tips

7.62x39mm – Brown Bear FMJ
SCDS Ammo – Russian surplus ammo but only for Canadian viewers
Cheaper Than Dirt – PMC Bronze
J & G Sales – Russian ammo with US made tracer bullets – 10 rounds = $15.90
Dag Ammo – 1000 rounds Tula 122gr FMJ for $459 and 1000 rounds 124gr FMJ for $454
Midway USA – 2 options of Doubletap ammo

Cheaper Than Dirt – Eley and Aguila match (meaning expensive) ammo
J & G Sales – Just a bunch of Eley match ammo
Midway USA – Eley, RWS, and shot shells by Federal and Winchester
Natchez Shooting Supplies – Federal shot shells

Well that’s all.  I’m trying to find some other sources that aren’t really well known but it’s tough.  It’s not possible for me to just stumble across something nobody else has.  But I keep checking, all the time, and if I find something I’ll be sure to post the link(s).

ALSO – If you have a caliber that you would like me to check for you and add to my ammo updates, send me an email (my info is over on my About page) or just leave a comment.  It wont be much extra work to throw in an extra caliber or two and I would be happy to do it.

  1. rmactsc says:

    Thanks for the update. Excellent information.

  2. Will says:

    thanks dude

  3. […] weeks, but I checked everything this evening and it seems like there a lot more options than my last update.  This is probably the biggest list I’ve had since I started doing […]

  4. ColoradoEd says:

    Cabellas web site offered Remington 525’s for awhile this morning (march 26,2013) – now showing out of stock

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