Survival Basics

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Survival/Self Defense
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One of the bloggers I follow is always reminding me how unprepared I am.  If a disaster with long term affects happened right now, I would be completely out of luck.  I’m just not equipped to handle something like that at the moment.

In his post, Survival Logistics Revisited, author rmactsc lists some things that need to be considered when preparing for any kind of disaster.  Go check out his post as well as the rest of the blog; it’s full of helpful advice like this.  His main points from the post above are listed below:

  • Allow extra time to accomplish your goals during a disaster as it will usually take longer to get to your destination, complete your plan or project, etc.
  • Information is critical so use it to your advantage.  Make sure it is up to date and accurate.
  • Have sufficient modes of transportation and reserve fuel for yourself, your family and your supplies.
  • Utilize all available skills as needed and keep an accurate inventory of your gear, food and other resources.
  • Security, security, security.  Increase your security level as disasters will often bring out the worst in people.  Your security and safety is critical.

While I may not be prepared for a long term disaster, I am prepared for basic survival should something ever happen.  In my car I keep basic necessities such as food, water, and clothing.  I also keep a small survival bag that has everything needed to start a fire and survive for a few days on my own.

Without getting into really specific details, below is a list of things I think everyone should keep in their car and home for basic preparedness:

  • Food – Enough to last you and whoever will be with you for a few days.  I keep two jars of peanut butter in my car.  Peanut butter does not spoil and has more than enough calories to support your body for a while (but it doesn’t have everything you need to  support your body long term).
  • Water – You can’t live long without it and it doesn’t spoil.  Keep more than you think you’ll ever need because it can go pretty quickly.
  • Clothing and Shelter – It was 6 degrees this morning when I left for work and only got up to 23 degrees all day.  It would be very difficult to survive outside very long in that kind of weather unprepared.  In my car I keep spare clothing like coats gloves and hats.  I fear no weather.
  • Medical Supplies – If you’re out on your own and nobody can help you for a few days, what happens if you get injured?  A small cut can quickly become infected.  I keep a basic kit that has bandages, disinfectant, pain medicine, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – Other things that are small and everyone should keep around include a portable radio, flashlights, batteries, fire starting material, knives and rope or string.

Like I said, this is just a basic list.  These are things I focus on and make sure to have available at all times.  If you really want to learn more about survival and disaster preparation in general, definitely check out rmactsc’s blog.  And if you really want to get started, head on over to the Survivalist Boards forum.  The people over there cover everything that’s even remotely related to survival.

I’m still new to disaster prepping but I’m learning more all the time.  If you think of any other basic survival needs, leave a comment and let everyone know.  We can all benefit by working together.


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