Things seem to be looking up today.  Most of the places I checked had at least a few things available.  Nice to see a pretty even list across each of the different types of ammo for once.  I’m sure the surplus is only temporary however so get it while you can!

Also, don’t forget I still have two 30 round AR15 magazines for sale!  And subscribe so these updates come straight to your email!  I get several hundred clicks on these links each week from people who arrive through search engines.  Why go through all that searching when I’ve already done some of it for you?!

The following places all had ammo available as of 7:05pm on January 23rd, 2013.




* SCDS only ships in Canada.
** Links for Dag Ammo probably will not work unless you become a member and sign in to their website.  Registering is pretty easy, just takes a little bit more effort than most websites.


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