NY to Pass Strict Gun Laws

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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According to an article over at Yahoo News, New York is about to pass laws that would seriously restrict guns in their state.  It’s expected to pass with no problems.

One part of the law would ban citizens from owning magazines that can hold more than 7 rounds of ammunition.  It would also require that citizens who currently own such magazines to “sell them out of state” within a year.  It would require background checks for ammo as well.

“Assault weapons” will be illegal to sell following the passing of that law and anyone who currently owns such a rifle would be forced to “register them” and any private sales to “someone other than an immediate family would be subject to a background check through a dealer”.

This is probably what’s coming for the rest of the country.  If people don’t start standing up and voicing their opinions more, I’m afraid we’ll all be forced to go through this one day.

I for one am not looking forward to it.

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