AR15 Magazines

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Accessories
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I wanted to do a quick update because I think I have found some magazines for the AR15.  Over on the Sportsman’s Guide they have a bunch of “Lancer L5 Warfighter” mags for sale.  They all show “in stock” as well.

According to Lancer-System’s website these magazines work on all rifles in the AR platform.  The information given over on Sportsman’s Guide is pretty vague and I would imagine that’s why they’re still available.  But I’m just going by the information I’ve found.

If these are the real deal, $17.99 for a 30 round magazine isn’t a bad deal.  Someone more experienced go check this out and let everyone know if this is correct or not!

***  UPDATE  ***
As of January 13th, these magazines are out of stock.  They have been backordered and are expected to be in stock on February 18th.


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