Teusday 1/8/13 – Top Gun

Posted: January 9, 2013 in 22lr, Ammunition, Guns, SR22
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Yesterday reminded me of how important constant practice is to one’s shooting skill.  Shooting a gun is like riding a bike; once you figure it out, its easy to come back and shoot again after a long break.  But just like riding a bike, if you don’t practice, you can only get so good.

There’s the calm, neighborhood bike rider.  Then there’s the X-Games stunt performer.

According to my spreadsheets, I last shot my pistols at the end of November.  When I shot yesterday it was painfully obvious.  My skill (the little I had) had begun withering away already.

My goal was to use my laser boresight to adjust the factory sights on my Ruger SR22 pistol.  Then, I was going to adjust the Berska laser that I got for Christmas as well.  Unfortunately, even with the boresight, it took several magazines to get things right.  And even once zeroed in, my groups were spread wider than ever.  Didn’t even attempt to use the laser.

My smallest group of 10 shots was just over 2.25″ across.  The largest group was over 5.25″ across.  The average, out of 19 10 shot groups, was 3.5″.  Prior to yesterday’s trip to the range I was averaging just under 3″ groups.

Half an inch isn’t a significant amount for one trip to the range, but the worst part was my inconsistency.  In two of my groups, half the rounds (5) were dead center.  One group had 6 rounds, more than half, in the center.  But on average, less than 3 shots hit the center mark in each group.

Very sad numbers.  In a time when ammunition is so hard to come by, I feel awful having pretty much wasted 190 rounds.  I gained nothing from this session except more disappointment in myself.  I just need to practice more and work on consistency.  That’s all there is to it.

On a related note, I shot 190 rounds of 36 grain Remington Gold hollow points with not a single problem.  I believe that puts me at over 500 rounds (in my SR22) with no problems.  I can’t get through a single magazine (10 rounds) of Federal ammunition without a jam of some sort.

But if I can’t hit what I’m aiming at consistently, it doesn’t really matter if the rounds fire or not . . .

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