Well It seems the creators of The Simpsons are yet another bunch of people out to make preppers look like a bunch of obsessive back woods crazies.  I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons for a while but now I’m questioning whether I will be from now on or not.

Sure, its just a cartoon.  No need to get worked up.  Normally that’s my stance on issues like this but not this time.  This is a critical time for gun ownership in the United States and its disappointing to see yet another group of people taking a stand against gun owners like me.

In the episode, which aired at 8pm tonight on Fox, Homer meets a local group of preppers.  They inform him of an impending EMP blast which will wipe out all electronics in the country.  They invite him to join them as long as he agrees to keep his prepping secret.

Many of the scenes feature weapons like the AR15, AK47, and other similar guns.  One scene even included a rebel flag hanging on their wall.  One of the preppers is distinctly “southern” while the others are all extremists.  One member even made a rifle scope which makes victims look angry so it would be easier to kill those coming to get their stuff without “feelings” getting in the way.

Toward the end Homer decides, after beng convinced by Marge, that he wants to help the people of Springfield.  He steals all the supplies and takes them to town while being chased and shot at by the preppers.  When the family arrives in town, everything is fine.  He is informed that only Springfield lost power and within days everything was fixed.  And with all the “angry people” gone, everyone came together to help each other.  Essentially, society had improved because the preppers were gone.

It definitely did nothing to make preppers look decent.  Everything about the episode was trying to show that gun owners and preppers are crazy.  Preppers are just regular people who’s hobbies involve preparing for disasters.  What about that is crazy?  When you go to college, aren’t you preparing for the future?  When you create a resume and practice interview techniques, aren’t you just preparing for a job?  Preppers are just ensuring their survival in a disaster or other crisis.

The worst part is that it wasn’t even a funny Simpsons episode . . .


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