On my lunch break today I went on a quest for .223 ammo.  Ever since the Newtown shooting, ammo has been hard to find and prices have skyrocketed.  Today I found some at a little hunting/fishing shop in town that isn’t really well known.  I talked to the guy running the place for about 30 minutes and we really hit it off.  I ended up walking out of there with a bunch of .223 WPA Polyformance and some Golden Bear 7.62×39.

The best part is that he bought a huge amount of ammo before the election in November and at a really low price.  As a result, his ammo was the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere right now.  He admitted that he raised the price a bit after the shooting but only slightly.  I didn’t mind.  Demand increases price.  His price was still a good bit lower than the prices I’ve seen.

He is also limiting how much ammo he lets people walk out with at one time.  He says it’s to prevent people from buying all his ammo just to sell online at a huge increase in price.  He sets out a certain amount each day and it’s first come first serve.

I was apparently the first today.  I didn’t buy everything he had because I know how hard ammo is to find and I want some local people to be able to shoot just like I want to be able to.  No sense in hoarding when I now have more than enough to easily last me through 2013.

So let this be motivation to not give up!  There’s still ammo out there, you just have to find it.  Look hard in every corner of every shop.  Be persistent.  Hopefully this situation dies down a little soon so prices return to normal and availability returns.


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