SKS Owners Manual

Posted: January 3, 2013 in SKS
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I ran into a problem while looking for a manual for my new rifle.  Seems they are kinda hard to find.  Lots of websites offer the same information as a manual but I couldn’t find any websites that had all the information laid out in an appealing way.

After a bit of searching I came across a website called The Firearm Blog and in THIS POST they list several different manuals for various types of SKS rifles.  The best part is that they are in PDF format so you can easily download, view, and print any of the ones you want. There are links for each of them and the downloads start immediately.

Hopefully this helps someone out there looking for an SKS manual.

On a side note I’m currently learning more and more about my own SKS and I plan to have another post in a day or two that lists some more specific information about it.  The folks over at SKS Boards are helping me out.


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