NRA and my Disappointment

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Video Games
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Looks like the NRA decided to pass the blame just like everyone else seems to do now days. While I don’t think the NRA or guns or the 2nd amendment or anything like that are what caused the Connecticut school shooting, it certainly wasn’t “violent” video games and media.

I’ve been a gun owner for 2 years and a gamer for about 19.  Of those 19 years I would say that all 19 were filled with games containing “violence”.  But all the cartoons I watched were also violent.  Just look at Tom and Jerry . . . Tom experienced bone crushing injuries on a regular basis, almost all of which would’ve killed a human had we tried them.  Should we ban cartoons too?  No there’s certainly another issue underneath all of this.

Why does everyone in america have to pass the blame and point fingers?  Why can’t people just defend their position on issues and support ideas they believe in?  What’s so hard about that?  Maybe we should work on teaching our children to be responsible human beings who know the difference between killing a guy on a tv screen and killing a living breathing human being.

You could easily argue that we shouldn’t have to kill anyone anywhere, real or not.  But then you have to define what “violent” really means.  Is it as vague as any physical violence?  Or do people just have a problem with the killing?  If they start with one aspect of controlling or censoring video games and media, much like our gun rights, the other parts collapse quickly behind it.  Take away a 30 round mag and next they come after the 20 round mags.  Stop allowing human death in video games and then you wont be able to show human death in movies.  A lot of classic movies would never have been made if that were the case.

Millions and millions of people play games in the Call of Duty series every day.  Millions.  This is a game that literally pits one human against another to see who can use a firearm to kill more people than the other.  It’s a bit more complicated (and fun) than that but you know what I mean.  With all of these millions of people playing such horrific games every day, why aren’t there MORE shootings like the one in Connecticut?  If games are the cause of our violent way of life in america, shouldn’t that be the case?

C’mon people.  The tragedy that happened in Newtown is a horrible horrible thing.  Everybody wants to find out who is to blame and make them suffer.  But we can’t because Adam Lanza shot and killed himself.  Stop blaming my guns and my games.  Support mental health research and funding.  We need to get these people help.

If you want to do something good, support and defend what you believe in and don’t point fingers.

Chad Kennedy
Gamer: 19 years
Gun Owner: 2 years
Law Abiding Citizen: 22 years

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