Merry Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Accessories
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Hope all my readers had a good Christmas.  Hope Santa brought everyone what they asked for.  I sure got what I wanted.  Lots of gun stuff!

I’ve been away (not posting) for a while.  The news lately has been kinda depressing and I haven’t been feeling very pro guns.  Haven’t been optimistic about the future either.  I feel like all the stuff I just got (pictured below) will be hard to use soon.


If you can’t tell from the picture I got a pair of thin gloves for shooting this winter, 6 20 round AR15 mags, 3 mag couplers, 3 30 round Mini-14 mags, a box of 22lr ammo, a big box of .223 ammo, and a laser for my pistol.  Not pictured items include 45 degree offset iron sights for my AR, an extra SR22 mag, a cleaning kit, an AR wrench, boresights for 22lr and .223, and a large field bag for all my shooting stuff.

I’m extremely lucky to have received so many nice things this year.  Especially the ammo and AR parts.  With the recent news and talks of a new assault weapon ban the price of firearms has skyrocketed (high enough that Ryan is even considering selling his AR just for a profit).  In addition ammo is virtually non-existent.  I have a feeling it’ll be this way for quite some time.

Kinda depressing.

I just got into guns not long ago and it seems everything is going downhill fast.  I don’t know if ill be posting very frequently for the next few weeks.  I’m going to try to avoid the gun news for a bit.  If I do any shooting ill review my items but might not post until a later date.

I would ask you to subscribe but . . . well . . . that’d be kinda silly now wouldn’t it?  Have a happy New Year!

  1. Backyard, as a long time shooter, recent CHL instructor and NRA Pistol Instructor I would admonish you that this is NOT the time to get discouraged nor dismayed! This has happened before (1994 to be exact). Although it is a little more drastic this time than before, but the same thing… mass shootings, the Brady Campaign made huge inroads to swaying liberal media and politicians, etc. This possible, even probable ban coming up may have even further implications, BUT, if people like us give up, then the British may as well have defeated us during the Revolution. Our founding father’s knew this would happen, that is why they told us to “hold fast” and protect the Constitution at all costs! Are you prepared to do that or are you ready to throw in the towel?

    Prepare yourself… with smart purchases (rifle/s, handguns, ammo, etc), with knowledge and with facts about why the Second Amendment is so intrinsically basic to our Nation’s survival. If you have a debate with an anti-gunner be prepared, DON’T argue from emotions, but make sure you know your facts….do you know the difference between a semi-auto rifle and an assault rifle? If someone asks you “Why do you ‘need’ an AR-15 with 30 round magazines?” How would you answer them?

    If things get rough for us shooters what are the essentials that we need? In fact, when considering additional firearms you will want to consider a handgun and a rifle that will shoot NATO ammunition. Do you know what that is (check out my latest blog on that)?

    If you get discouraged then who will your audience be and why would they want to read? The sun has not yet set of these United States of America my friend! Get out and practice… take friends out to practice… introduce someone new to the sport of shooting… stay engaged and stay excited!

    From the Trenches… Scott, Focus Firearms Training

    • nvchad2 says:

      This is probably the best advice I could’ve been given and I appreciate you taking the time to give it. I guess I was just a bit down with all the news lately. Hard to keep up the fight when around every corner some idiot/media combo is making gun owners look psychotic.

      I know it’s not good to give up and I haven’t. I can answer all the questions you proposed and I never argue with emotion, I try not to argue at all. I’m prepared when people ask me why I have guns or feel I need them. It just gets old feeling like I’m defending myself when I’m a perfectly law abiding citizen.

      Anyway, thanks for lifting my spirits a little. Maybe once this blizzard thing we got goin on passes I’ll go shooting and try out all my new toys.

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