Ammunition – New Local Vendor Found!

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Ammunition
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With hunting season coming to an end in Virginia, ammunition appears to be slowly crawling back onto the shelves of the local stores.  Its about time!  Ammo has been kinda scarce this past month and all I could find were the really expensive brands.

Unfortunately Tula .223 is still a rare breed.  Last year they couldn’t sell the stuff and this year they can’t keep it on the shelves.  Lucky for me though I’ve found another local distributor whose name will remain a secret.  They sell the Tula ammunition for $5.75 a box.  Walmart sells it for $4.95 a box but they never have it anymore.  The only place that has it on a regular basis is Dick’s Sporting Goods who charges $6.99 a box!  So $5.75 is a pretty comfortable price that’s right in the middle.

Even better is that I didn’t know the place sold ammunition.  They don’t advertise as having anything to do with guns so I doubt many other people do either.  That means that I should always have a few boxes of Tula available locally.  Good thing since I’m going shooting with a coworker this weekend.  I was getting low on ammunition but stocked up today; I should be good to go.

I guess tonight and tomorrow I’ll be getting everything ready to go shooting again.  Going to be a variety of weapons between the few of us going so I’ll be able to shoot a few new guns.  Ill do my best to review the weapons I get to shoot.  I just like to get my experiences out there for others to see so that hopefully someone will benefit from the things I learn and share.

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