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Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today I made it to 300 views.  That means, according to the stats page, that I’ve had on average 4 views a day since I started at the end of September.  While 300 isn’t a huge amount it’s pretty big to me.  I honestly didn’t expect to be anywhere near that number by now.

So in honor of this milestone I think I’ll go back to blogging more often.  Things have slowed down at work and I’m done with all my Christmas shopping.  While I haven’t been blogging as much, I’ve still been reading and shooting and learning new skills.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few quality posts out in the next week or so.

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at the Survivalist Boards lately and I’m learning more about survival and preparing for disasters of all kinds.  I’m going to start sharing more about the skills I learn on here since I feel being prepared is something everyone should consider.  You never know when a disaster will hit but being prepared will eliminate a lot of worry and fear.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting with my local blacksmith guild for the first time in hopes of learning some basic smithing.  It’s something I’ve been interested in for quite a while so it should be fun.  I’ll post about it on Friday.  Subscribe (it’s just one click away) so you don’t miss it!

  1. Dyrewulf says:

    AHHH! Your blog has the same theme as my blog! (lol) Grab the WordPress smartphone app if you have a smartphone, I use it at archery shoots, hunting, even cooking something interesting, snap a photo and ‘share’ it using the app, toss a few words on it, done!

  2. rmactsc says:

    Keep up the great work. View counts add up quickly. My blog is just short of a year old and I’ve had 32,000 views so they will start to increase as you blog more often 🙂

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