C&E Gun and Knife Show – Harrisonburg, VA

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Other Peoples' Guns, Uncategorized
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The gun show was in town this weekend, the 8th and 9th.  I had been waiting for it for a good few weeks but was actually pretty disappointed when I went.  I should’ve went earlier this weekend but I was unable to and arrived with only 3 hours of the event left.

By then I guess all the reasonably priced firearms (if there were any) had already been purchased.  The only guns I were even slightly interested in were priced over $600.  And about 90% of those were over $1,000.  Way out of my price range.  The only guns I could afford were low end bolt action or lever action hunting rifles in calibers I didn’t want to buy ammunition for.

There were a bunch of Ruger Mini-14’s available but they averaged around $800.  That’s way too much for one of those and I say that as an owner.  Even the pump shotguns were priced outrageously.  The only semi-auto shotgun I saw was over $1,100.

The only gun I saw that I actually considered purchasing was a 9mm Hi-Point Carbine.  And that was only because it was one of the strangest weapons there.  It was also I think the only gun that was priced under $300.  But unusual design was not enough to merit a purchase.

Moving away from the firearms I looked at some of the ammunition that was for sale.  Most of the boxes appeared to be 30 years old with faded labels and visible layers of dust.  I’m not sure where these people dug this stuff up, but I wasn’t about to purchase any of it.

There were a great deal of accessories available.  There was everything from AR parts to survival gear.  I almost bought a mid length quad rail handguard for my AR15 but it was priced too high.  I guess I’ve been spoiled by the internet because I’m always judging prices based on what I’ve found online.  I’m sure almost everyone at the show would’ve negotiated prices but I’m not into haggling so I just kept walking.

Overall it seemed like a decent setup and if you had lots of money to blow, this would’ve been the place.  But I didn’t, so the $14 I spent for my fiance and I to get in the doors was wasted.

But now I’m going to go eat my pizza and try to forget about it all.  Tonight I’ll work on assembling my new crossbow . . .

  1. hncook4 says:

    I’m sorry it wasn’t very fun. Hopefully the next show will be good and affordable. 🙂

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