A Second Look at Aaron’s SKS

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Other Peoples' Guns
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Aaron decided to leave his chinese “Type 56” SKS rifle with me while he goes back to school for the rest of the semester.  In a previous post I mentioned that we didn’t shoot it because the barrel was extremely rusty inside and I wasn’t sure it was safe.

After looking a little more and a thurough cleaning, all the “rust” came off. I think looking back that what I thought was rust was in fact just powder deposits left from a previous series of shots that was never cleaned out.  The barrel cleaned up easier than my AR does and now it shines like new.  I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot this thing now.

According to the serial numbers and the information I found, this rifle was manufactured in 1974, making it just under 40 years old.  For the condition it’s in I wouldn’t have guessed it was that old.  My Mini-14 is about 10 years younger and it didn’t look quite this good when I first bought it.

This thing is beautiful and I can’t wait for him to come back home so we can shoot it.  I’ve never shot anything that fired 7.62 ammo and I’ve always been curious about it.  The Tula brand ammunition is exatcly the same cost as my .223 ammo so it wouldn’t be any more expensive than my Mini-14 or my AR15.  When we do finally get around to shooting it ill get a video of it up on my YouTube page.


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