When George A. Romero released his zombie movie Night of the Living Dead he had to know that it would be seen as strange and unusual.  In fact I would almost certainly say that was what he was going for.  What I don’t think he knew was that his idea of zombies would consume the entire country in the following decades.

Romero’s decision to take the classical zombie and add a few more terrifying elements turned out to be a huge success.  Zombies can now be found everywhere.  In almost every form of media.  In TV.  In movies.  In toys.  In games.  It’s safe to say that everyone in the country is familiar with the idea of zombies.

My decision to write this post was because of the overwhelming number of zombie related merchandise in the gun world.  There are zombie targets that I’m sure most of you have seen.  These are everywhere and feature everything from zombie children to zombie animals.  In addition a lot of accessories now come with zombie related themes.  You can get zombie grips for your 1911 pistol.  Or a zombie trigger guard for your AR15.  The Ruger 10/22 isn’t even safe from this zombie plague.

Whether or not these items will help you survive the zombie apocalypse, or whatever may occur next month (December 21st, 2012 – end of the world), remains to be seen.  Regardless, go out and get yourself a few zombie targets.  You never know, all that time you spend practicing for perfect head-shots might come in handy one day . . .


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