Sig Sauer Pistol Laser Promotion

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Accessories
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I received an email from Sig Sauer this morning letting me know that they’re having a special right now on their classic pistol laser.  I thought I would pass this along since it’s not on their website.  The only way to receive this offer is through email and the only way to order it is over the phone.  In addition it requires that you own a Sig firearm, as it notes that you need to “have your serial number available when you call.”

They’re currently selling their laser for $99 with free shipping.  The laser usually sells for $149, and still is if you plan to buy online.  But if you call (866) 619-1128 or (603) 418-8102 you can order the laser at the discounted price.  $99 for a quality small profile pistol laser is a great deal.  I would buy myself one if I hadn’t asked for a laser for Christmas.

In addition to the laser deal they’re offering a deal on their “black tactical shoulder bag” if you buy the laser.  I couldn’t find the bag listed on their website but it looks very much like another bag on their website, so I would imagine it’s pretty much the same bag.  You can get their bag for just $39 if you buy the laser.

Hope this helps someone out there looking for a good Christmas gift.  Or someone just looking for a pistol laser for themselves.  I didn’t want to keep this deal to myself since I thought more people out there might want to take advantage of it while they can.


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