Saturday 11/17/12 – Top Gun

Posted: November 18, 2012 in 22lr, Ammunition
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I think that when I’m through with today’s post I’m going to sit down and write a letter to the makers of Federal “Auto Match” .22lr ammunition.  Not because of its fantastic performance or anything.  My thank you letter would be for helping me get extra practice racking the slides on both of my pistols.

I shot 120 rounds of this stuff through my pistols on Saturday.  It was probably the worst trip to the range I’ve ever experienced.  Over half of the rounds I shot caused a jam in one way or another; most were caused by the rounds not fully racking the slide and chambering another round.  A good few also failed to fully eject in my Sig Sauer 1911-22.  I take some of the blame off of Federal for the Sig only because the handbook specifically says to use “high velocity” ammunition.  It would make sense that it wouldn’t work 100% there.  My Ruger SR22 has never acted like this though.  I’ve never had to manually rack the slide back as much as I did on Saturday.  My finger tips were actually getting sore from doing so.

About halfway through the session I thought to myself, “what if the guns are just dirty or something isn’t working right all together?”  So I decided to try some CCI Mini-Mag’s that I had leftover from my last trip.  They worked flawlessly.  In addition to cycling every round no problem, they managed to perform better than the Federal.  The few groups that I used the CCI’s with were significantly smaller than the others.

I’m not even going to mention the stats from Saturday because I don’t think they accurately reflect my skill or my weapons’ performances.  Just know that I wont be buying any Federal brand ammunition for quite some time.

Check back for some more updates as I have a few more posts coming soon.  I hope to have one post every day for the next few weeks.  I’m not sure if that’ll happen but its my goal.  Thanks to all of those who have supported me so far and given me the desire to go on with this blog.  Every “like” helps and every subscription does even more.  Thanks again.


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