Pistol Lasers

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Accessories
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As the owner of two handguns I’ve obviously began looking at the options to add a laser sight to one or both of them.  There are many benefits to having a laser on your pistol, but the biggest drawback seems to be the price.

Over at Crimson Trace they have a bunch of laser products to choose from.  The options available for my new Sig 1911-22 unfortunately cost more than my entire pistol cost.  Most of them also replace the grips you’re currently using.  I’m rather fond of the brown wooden grips that came with this Sig and if I ever change them it’ll certainly be for something more attractive than what they have to offer.

I’ve found a bunch of alternatives online that I would like to have, and they’ve been put on my wishlist for my birthday (tomorrow) and Christmas.  Whether or not they’re of sound quality is another issue.  And whether or not I will get them is even more uncertain.

If I do get one or more in coming months I’ll be certain to put up a review.


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