Sunday 11/11/12 – Backyard

Posted: November 12, 2012 in AR-15, Guns
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Going back to my blog’s origin, I decided to do some backyard shooting.  Ryan was planning to come over and shoot with me but other plans got in the way.  That didn’t stop me though.

Since I’ve been focusing on my pistols lately, I thought I would shoot my AR15 for a change.  Unfortunately however, I forgot most of my ammo at my mom’s house, so all I had was a box of 40 grain Federal Match 22’s.  Good thing I had that CMMG conversion kit!

In total, 130 rounds were sent through my rifle Sunday.  104 were mine.  My dad and step mom shot the other 26.  As is the case every time I get the rifle out, I had to re-zero the dot scope.  I’m going to have to get a hard case eventually; I think the soft case I have is letting me bump the scope accidently.

It only took 3 10 shot groups to zero in.  I could’ve done it in smaller groups but I’ve gotten used to these 10 shot groups with my pistols.  From that point on, all that held me back was my own skill.

The ammunition performed flawlessly.  In 130 rounds we had zero jams.  Most of the shots were grouped tightly together, and those that weren’t were obviously from my movement.


Me (10 shot groups)
Biggest Group:  4.5″
Smallest Group:  1.6″
Average Group:  2.88″
Bullseyes:  17 out of 64

Dad (5 shot groups)
Biggest Group:  5.75″
Smallest Group:  0.75″
Average Group:  2.91
Bullseyes:  3 out of 20


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