The Collection Grows!

Posted: November 10, 2012 in 1911-22, Guns
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So I was sitting at work yesterday, avoiding my actual job, when I started browsing craigslist as I sometimes do.  I stumbled upon an ad titled “Sig”.  I rarely see anything on craigslist that I’m interested in but being in to guns, I had to see what was inside.

Up for sale was a Sig Sauer 1911-22 with an extra mag, extra handguards, and 200 rounds of 22lr ammo.  And it was priced extremely well.  I wanted it.

I mentioned it to a co-worker and how I was worried about meeting someone from craigslist in person.  He laughed and said, “that’s a friend of mine!  He really wants to sell that thing, you should call him, his name is Bradley”.  Its amazing how small the world really is . . .

I gave him a call and we agreed to meet at the FedEx office (I had to pick up a package there anyway) on my lunch break.  I made sure to bring cash with me.  Knowing he really wanted to sell it and because I worked with a friend of his, I was able to talk him down about $25 more from what he was asking.

It a fantastic weapon.  I took it to the range after work, along with my Ruger SR22, and put the two head to head.  A post in the next few days will compare my performance with both and discuss the differences between them.


  1. […] For my go to pistol, it would be the Ruger SR22.  I’m forced to pick a .22 caliber pistol since that’s the only caliber I own.  But there are several reason I would choose the Ruger over my Sig 1911-22. […]

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