Saturday 10/27/12 – West Side

Posted: November 5, 2012 in AR-15, Guns, Other Peoples' Guns, SR22
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A few posts ago I mentioned that my dad and I were going shooting at West Side shooting range in West Va.  I’ve been meaning to post about the trip but I’m still fighting off whatever sickness this is.  I’ll be going to the doctor as soon as I get my company insurance activated.

Anyways, we went and we had a good time.  We were worried on the drive over there because our side (the Virginia side) of the mountain was being hammered with rain.  It was a mess and I was glad that Dad was driving.  I hate driving in the rain, especially on a mountain.  When we got to the range however, it wasn’t raining.  We were very relieved.

Dad hadn’t been to the range in many years.  Said his last visit was when he turned 18.  That was over 30 years ago.  He was impressed that it was still up and being maintained.  He wasn’t thrilled about the amount of people who were there and was very unhappy that we had to wait for everyone to shoot before we could go downrange to set up our targets.  I knew what to expect coming in since Ryan and I had gone the weekend before.  The waiting between shots didn’t bother me this time any more than it did the first time.  I guess I’m just odd considering Ryan and Dad were both on the same page.

Dad brought his 270 to sight it in.  The entire trip was based on the fact that he wanted to “zero the rifle at more than 75 yards” for when he goes hunting this November. I think during the hour we were there he shot less than ten times.  I shot 65 rounds through my AR15 (60 .22lr and 5 .223 PPU).  With my SR22 pistol I shot 40 rounds.

Dad made a few minor adjustments, but only enough to make sure his shots were consistently hitting the paper at 100 yards.  He said “if I can hit that at 100 yards it’s good enough for me”.  None of his shots hit within the center 2 rings and only 3 were in the 3rd ring.  I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that, but it’s his rifle and he’s the one hunting with it.  I did fairly well but I wasn’t able to keep track of my shots with the detail I wanted.  My dad would’ve thought it’s stupid to track every shot, just as Ryan does.  So I just avoided it all together.

All in all it was a decent trip.  I personally wouldn’t have made the 45 minute drive (one way) just to shoot my rifle 10 times. I understand .270 cartridges are expensive, but if your going to shoot, shoot.  I wish we had stayed longer but I knew my dad wanted to get out of there so I cut it short so he didn’t have to sit there and watch me shoot.  I was just happy that he wanted to go shooting with me at all.


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