Wednesday 10/31/12 – Top Gun

Posted: October 31, 2012 in 22lr, Ammunition, Guns, SR22
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Took my Ruger SR22 to the range today after work.  Fired (annoyingly) through about half a box of Federal bulk ammunition.  There were way more jams than I’m used to and that was kinda frustrating.  Out of 350 rounds, 30 resulted in jams (mostly failure to feed).  One was even serious enough that it required me to break down the pistol and pull an empty cartridge out of the chamber by hand.  On a positive note only one round failed to fire.

That aside, I performed pretty good and I can tell I’m improving every time I hit the range.

I shot at a few different styles of targets to see if I would do any better with one type of target or another.  It sounds weird, I know, but some people I’ve shot with seem to only do well on targets they can see really well.  It made no difference for me.  I did about the same with about all of the targets.

My 10 shot groups at 7 yards averaged 2.6″.  My largest group was 4″ and my smallest was 1.5″.  My groups at 10 yards averaged 3.5″ and my largest group was 4.8″.  The smallest group was 2.75″.

Even though I have some Federal ammunition left I think that during my next shooting session I’ll be using a different brand of ammunition.  So far CCI seems to be working the best.  Slightly more expensive but no .22lr ammo is outrageous.  Especially when you’re used to buying .223 ammo on a regular basis.  The added cost is well worth it if it keeps me from having to rack the slide between half of my shots.


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