Wednesday 10/24/12 – Top Gun

Posted: October 29, 2012 in 22lr, Ammunition, Guns, SR22
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Hurricane Sandy is raging outside so I figured if I’m planning to post tonight I should do it quick before I lose power.  Hope everyone being affected by the weather gets through the next few days safe.

Wednesday I went to Top Gun and put 207 rounds through my pistol.  And yes I know exactly how many times I shoot, EVERY time I shoot.  If you haven’t been able to notice from my previous posts, I’ll tell you I’m a stataholic.  I keep up with EVERYTHING that I do to my guns.  I have spreadsheets that keep up with how much I’ve spent on everything, as well as my statistics as a shooter.  I also detail all the ammo I have on hand at any time, where it came from and how much it cost last time.   I know most people don’t obsess over this stuff but I do.  And I’ve used my data in the past to help identify poorly performing ammunition pretty quickly.

Anyway, enough of that.  I shot 207 times.  I spent the majority of my time shooting at 7 yards.  My best group was 1.25 inches and my worst was 4.5.  I only shot 27 times at 10 yards and my groups averaged 4.8 inches.  At 11 yards with 20 shots my groups averaged 7.3 inches.  By that time however I was getting tired so I blame some of that on my poor performance.

The ammo that had the best group (2.5 inches) also performed the worst mechanically.  Just one box of 50 cartridges of American Eagle .22lr jammed 16 times . . . that’s 32%.  Completely unacceptable for any type of ammunition.  The Federal bulk 325 round box jammed only twice in 10 shots.  That’s only 20% from a BULK package.  It was just very frustrating.  Half of the jams were failure to feed and half were failure to eject.  The other 5 brands of ammo I shot performed far better mechanically so I know it wasn’t the pistol.  Performance-wise, all the other brands performed about the same averaging just under 3 inches.

My favorite brand to shoot was the CCI Stingers.  The first time I shot them a while ago I found them too loud.  They also kicked a lot harder than other brands.  After shooting more Wednesday, I have to reconsider.  It seems to be extremely accurate.  In addition it displays quite a fire blast out the end of the barrel.  It is loud and does kick more but that’s no big deal if it performs as well as it has.

Overall it was fun.  I got a lot more practice in and that’s the important thing.  Now I’m going to go board up my windows and hunker down in my closet.  Sandy doesn’t seem happy . . .


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