Final Thoughts

Posted: October 13, 2012 in AR-15, Guns
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I picked up my rifle from Ashby Arms yesterday after work.  They neglected to call me all day and didn’t even remember who I was until I explained exactly what the problem my gun was in there for.  I know I’m nothing special, but I have been in their shop every day for the past two weeks waiting for the gas tube.

To their credit, they didn’t charge me anything for the work they performed.  Their reasoning: they aren’t sure if it was their gas tube to blame, or the barrel.  The gas tube was about 1/8″ too long for my rifle and he had to cut part of it off.  I’m no genius when it comes to firearms but I have a feeling its more likely the cheap $15 piece of aluminum gas tube that is the wrong length, as opposed to the $170 Del-Ton steel barrel.  But I could certainly be wrong.

I’m not mad that something was wrong, just mad about how they went about it.  I just feel there could’ve been more of a personal touch to the whole situation.

In the end, the problem appears to be solved.  I wont know for sure until I get to shoot it again though, and that probably wont be for another week or so.


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