A Disappointing Evening

Posted: October 10, 2012 in AR-15, Guns
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Today’s post comes with a great deal of disappointment.  I was really considering skipping the post but I knew if I did that I would probably never start again.  Today was supposed to be part two of my ammo review, but there were some considerable problems when Ryan and I went to shoot.

On my lunch break today I went and picked up the gas tube for my rifle.  It’s been on order for a while and it finally came in.  The guys at the shop were nice enough to install it for me at no charge.  I left feeling excited and couldn’t wait to go shooting.

When I met with Ryan and we started to get set up to shoot, I noticed that I hadn’t brought my bipod or my dot scope.  I left them in my pistol bag at my moms and it would’ve taken over two hours to go get them and return.  So right away we knew that we could only use one of our rifles (Ryan’s still has no rear sight).  All I had for us to use was the basic red dot that I had for my Mini-14.

Since Ryan’s marksmanship qualification for the Guard is this coming weekend I figured he should do most of the shooting.  The more practice he gets the more likely he’ll do better.  But since I just got the gas tube in my rifle, I wanted us to at least use mine.  I loaded my mag, locked it in place, pulled and released the charge handle, aimed, flipped the safety to “fire”, pulled the trigger and . . . “CLICK!”

Nothing happened.  I went through all the steps again and still nothing.  The firing pin was not striking the rounds.  I tried to figure out what went wrong but eventually just gave up.  We moved the red dot sight to Ryan’s rifle and I let him begin the process of sighting it in.

It took forever.

We shot 69 rounds through his rifle between the two of us and STILL couldn’t get it sighted in.  It seemed like every time we sat the rifle down to go check the shots the alignment changed.  It was extremely frustrating, especially after using the CP Tactical dot scope that I have been using recently.

We eventually decided the day was wasted and that we should quit before all my ammo was spent.  Ryan cleaned his rifle up and I took mine back to the shop just as they were closing.  They took all my information and said they would look at it first thing tomorrow morning and that they’ll call me as soon as they figure out what went wrong.  I left it in their hands and headed home.

Hopefully things will go better tomorrow . . .

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