Weekend Shooting

Posted: October 6, 2012 in AR-15, Other Peoples' Guns
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Ryan brought his rifle over this weekend and we drained my dwindling supply of ammunition.  200 rounds in all were shot, about 170 through his and 30 through mine.

We rotated a lot of my accessories around, mostly because his rear sight still hadn’t arrived yet.  He used my enclosed red dot scope (still loving that thing) and bipod.  I used the basic red dot that I had on my Ruger.

As far as ammo types are concerned, we shot 20 rounds of brass Winchester 5.56 and 180 rounds of steel .223 TulAmmo.  I was honestly much more impressed with the TulAmmo (as always).  I was glad when I was done with my half of the Winchester.  The kick was much harder and it seemed a lot less accurate.  Still hard to make assumptions on only one box of bullets though.

After shooting his rifle, I’m not only pleased with my Frankenstein build, but also EXTREMELY excited to get my gas tube installed next week.  Firing a 30 round mag is a lot easier, and less painful, when you don’t have to cycle every shot by hand.  At the end of our shooting session we started shooting wide open at a bunch of 2 liter bottles; he was changing mags when I was on my 5th or 6th shot.  I saved my second mag and shot it through his.

After all the shooting we moved inside to clean up our toys.  I had only thoroughly cleaned my two Ruger firearms and didn’t know much about cleaning my AR.  Since Ryan is in the guard he has a tremendous amount of experience (the M4 is essentially the same setup).  He taught me what I needed to know and I’m confident in my ability to clean ALL my firearms now.  What he taught me was well worth the spent ammunition.


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