Fun at the Range

Posted: October 5, 2012 in AR-15
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**  Updated with more pictures 10/4 @ 2:58pm.  **

Wednesday I received the scope riser that I ordered Friday, allowing me to install my dot-scope on my AR15.  With the rifle looking good and ready to go I invited a friend of mine, Ryan, over to help me sight it in; We fired a decent amount of lead down range during sighting and even more after.  The scope was a breeze to adjust and I might put a review of it up at a later date.

Right now I want to focus on all the shooting we did.

Ryan is currently in the National Guard and as a result I let him adjust my sights.  It’s not that I thought I couldn’t do it (I’ve done it more than a few times on my Mini-14) I just thought he could do it with less ammunition than I could.  It took him 18 shots, in 3 shot groups, to get it shooting dead center (it was WAY off to start).  After that we let loose.

In total we shot 80 rounds through it.  We rotated back and forth and we shot from a bunch of different positions, using and not using the bipod and vertical grip from my Mini-14.  We used my Magpul 30 round mag and a few of his well used metal mags that the Guard provided him with.  All the ammunition we shot was Tula Ammo.  Cheap Russian steel cased .223 ammo that I had stocked up on for my Mini-14.

The only malfunctions we had were with his mags.  Since I still have no gas tube in my rifle we had to cycle every round manually.  Occasionally it would get stuck and became very hard to pull the charge handle to eject the round.  Other than that there were no problems.  My finger is a little sore though, so I can’t wait until the gas tube comes in at Ashby Arms later this week.

Besides the AR15, we also shot my Mini and Ruger SR22 pistol.







The sights are still lined up on those so we didn’t have to do any tweaking.  I really appreciated the Mini after manually cycling every shot in the AR.  The Mini devoured that Tula Ammo as always and gave me absolutely no problems.

All in all we shot about 150 rounds of ammunition in under two hours.  If we had had more time, I think we would’ve easily drained my supply of ammo.  I believe after yesterday’s fun that Ryan is considering an AR of his own (** Update: Ryan now has bought his own AR **).  If he goes through with buying or building one of his own we’ll be able to split the cost on buying ammo in bulk and that will help us both out tremendously.  I really like the Tula Ammo but if I can get high quality brass for around the same price by buying in bulk, I wont hesitate.


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