Offhand Shooting

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Guns
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Should you invest time in learning how to shoot with your off hand?  Are the benefits worth the time, effort, and ammunition?  Is a home security system worth it?  Is insurance?  The answer to all of those questions is: Yes.

If you never use your medical insurance, it’s easy to start thinking about it as wasted money.  But I’m sure you’d be glad to have it if you fell off your roof and broke your legs.  Having a home security system might not seem worth the expense, but when a thief targets your home while you’re on vacation it would probably come in handy.

The same applies to shooting.  You can’t tell me that in a life or death situation where your survival was based solely on your ability to shoot with your weaker hand, you’d prefer that you hadn’t “wasted” your time learning the skill.  If your home is being invaded and you get into a fight with an intruder, it is very possible that you will get injured.  If you injure your strong hand or arm, how will you defend yourself?  Is your life not worth that preparation?

If you don’t think so, feel free to stop here.

You may have to spend days just learning how to effectively operate your weapon using your off hand.  And that’s perfectly fine.  You might have to fire hundreds of rounds through your weapon before you can even hit the target consistently.  Again, that’s no big deal.  Everyone shoots and learns differently and at different paces.

Do yourself a favor on your next trip to the range: Invest a little time and money into learning how to shoot with both hands.  Not all guns are ambidextrous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot it with both hands.  You shouldn’t, however, expect to shoot bull’s-eyes at 25 yards.  Don’t expect too much of yourself; you’ll just get frustrated.  Simply being able to operate your weapon of choice with both hands is a huge step toward better self defense.  Being able to get a few body shots at 25 yards would be more than sufficient.

Most importantly, be safe while learning.  You won’t be able to control your weapon the same with your off hand, and because of that it’s essential you focus even harder on safety.  Always make sure your firearm is pointed down range or in a safe direction free of people, animals, or property.  Always treat the firearm as if it were loaded.  You may not be aware of your fingers as much at first and it’s easy to develop bad habits, especially near the trigger.  Never let your finger touch the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

When I shoot my pistol now I always try to fire a few magazines left handed.  It’s been fun and exciting every time.  I may not be able to match the accuracy of my right hand, but I can still hit the target.  I’m reasonably certain I could defend myself if I ever had to.  It’s a feeling of confidence I never had before and I hope that you decide to take some time to improve your shooting skills as I have.


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